We feed a Raw/BARF type diet.

The bulk of this diet consists of nice Raw Meaty Bones from poultry,  beef,  pork & lamb. 
Chicken & turkey necks have a great meat to bone ratio,  raw chicken on the bone is without doubt the very best form in which to feed your companion giving him/her or puppies most of the requirements they need.
As well as RMB we feed a variety of meats including beef tounge,  cheeks,  beef or lamb hearts,  fish,  eggs and once or twice a week we ad a small amount of liver & a cup or two of fruit n veggies thats been put through a food processor or the pulp thats left over from juicing.  All this just gets added and mixed in when our dogs are usually fed chicken necks.  
Our dogs love fruit,  especially bananas,  they are a super food containing vitamins & minerals that are essential for the body,  rich in Potassium,  Manganese and a modest amount of the B group vitamins including B6 and even vitamin C.

We alternate feeding all the above to make it interesting. 

Some additives we 'may' use are,  fish oil @ 44mg EPA per kg,  flaxseed oil,  brewers yeast (vegemite can be used),  kelp,  apple cider vinegar in their water,   yoghurt & honey.

2 - 3 % of your active adult dogs body weight should be fed daily,  so if he/she weighs around 30kg feeding 600g - 900g is ideal.

It's always important to have cool fresh water available & NEVER feed cooked bones or raw starchy food like potatoes or onions !

I recommened reading Ian Billinghurst's books especially 'Give Your Dog A Bone' & have a look at
Tom Lonsdale's Diet